Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stormtalon – Ravenwing wip 4 (LED's wired up)

Spent the weekend trying to get some work done on the stormtalon. All washes, highlights, details are done being painted. Decals were applied with mr. marksofter then painted over the transparent edges to get rid of the gloss on the decal graphic. I walked over to some guys digging a hole for road maintenance and scooped up some sand. I swear they gave me the oddest look. With that I managed to base my stand. Added a bit of GW 40k architecture to the base to give it more feel. Techmarine pilot was done up along with the cockpit. I wired up a red micro LED to give it the low light illuminations mimicking those of real gunships. Will be working on some battle damage next before I matte spray the whole model. Stay tuned! I'll be working on highlighting and detailing up an oldravening wing army I bought as an ongoing log.



  1. Jason, that looks amazing. The way you positioned the LED light is brilliant.

    Great job buddy.... Those holes you drilled into the heavy bolters can be bigger though... one of the guys from FA said it's easy to get bigger sized hand-drill bits in Wan Chai... if you are in search of the same thing as I am... we shall go one of these days....

    Other than that minor nit-picking.... superb work you're doing.

  2. Louis, great catch man! Those barrel holes do need to be bigger. I snapped my larger drill bit on another resin project. I usually use the smallest hole for the first drill. With miniatures of this scale, by using a smaller diameter hole first, its easier to get the center point. With that hole done, the larger drill bits can just sit in the hole so a larger bore can be opened up without worries of offsetting. Still some minute details + battle damage to make… then I got another storm talon to do. I usually go to sham shui po, ap liu street to buy these things. Just a larger selection of random tools for cheap. Let me know if you ever wanna link up for supplies!

  3. ooooh groovy pink disco light! :)