Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to make a fully posable dreadnought

This is how it should be done, cuz this style is identical to none...

Basic build/conversion is near done. Next is adding the dreadnought bling. I found my rune blade from some old onimusha weapons toys. The sword is perfect with the tibetan sanskrit text on the blade also the hilt has a heavy buddhist design. I plan on adding some sort of shield to the left arm.

The whole model has been repainted in base colors just to see if the scheme works. I think it kinda looks like optimus prime... I'm kinda feeling meh about it... any thoughts? need help with colors... Also got rid of the sword. I gave it some psychic fire ball and I'm looking to find a lance of some sort... obviously I'm leaning towards wings of sang. and blood lance... hahahaha


  1. You're going to have serious issues with true line of sight though! Maybe the legs could be more bulky now that they are longer...at the moment they look a little spindly :P

  2. That's pretty clever man.... although the BA torso combined w/ the death-mask in the last picture makes the librarian looks a bit like a midget (the purity seals hanging by the waist looks like atrophied legs) w/ the head out of proportion w/ the torso.

    Other than that.... it's a cool way of using Gundam kits....