Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ares Campaign

[Authorization Confirmed]

[Psy-conduit Beta 81 Secudus opened]

[Accessing File V5/00819IV – Ares System]

[Incoming data…]

[Data Received]

Originally brought into compliance by the Raven Guard

early during the God Emperor’s Great Crusade

, Ares was a shining example of an isolated human world brought back into the light of the Emperor and the fold of humanity. It quickly grew to be an important manufacturing hub and primary Mechanicum forge world for the segmentum and outlying sectors.

At the outset of the [Reference deleted] heresy, Ares immediately declared itself for the Emperor; and because of its ideal locale forces were able to launch multiple successful counter-offensives against the traitor's fleets. Despite being subjected to attack numerous times Ares was able to repel them all; its massive munitions foundries and forges remaining operational and forming a lynchpin in the Imperium’s struggle.

One such engagement...

[Advancing data]

...raised in His likeness.

For thousands of years Ares enjoyed peace and prosperity within the light of the Emperor. However, during the 37m Ares became engulfed in a giant warp storm the size and intensity of which had not been seen since before the Great Crusade. There had been little or no warning, one moment the shipping lanes were calm and safe to navigate, the next moment all communications were down, hundreds of ships were lost. No-one had escaped off-world let alone out-system.

The same warp storm has raged unabated ever since. That is until seven Terran weeks ago. As quickly as it began it has vanished. Some have called it a blessing from the Emperor himself, while others see it as an omen of doom. The reasons however, are immaterial. What is for certain is that the Mechanicum forges once thought lost to the Imperium are lost no longer. Artifacts and technology from the days of the Great Crusade and possibly even earlier are now unguarded.

[Checking clearance…]

[…level alpha 5]

[Access granted]

There are those that believe that Ares Forge possessed an STC of unknown design. It cannot be stressed that if this is the case any and all means of securing and extracting the artifact come above any and all other concerns. The consequences of such technology falling into the hands of xenos or worse still the forces of chaos is unthinkable.

[Resuming standard data stream…]

It is of vital importance that the forges are secured and ultimately Ares is brought back within the fold of the Imperium once again.

It is of such a high priority that these orders come down from the High Lords of Terra

themselves. Already entire Imperial regiments and fleets have been rerouted from current engagements to reach Ares as soon as possible. Any and all Space Marine chapters are expected to respond as well.

However, while the Imperium has responded with the utmost haste, it has been discovered that the traitorous servants of the ruinous powers are also en route to the system with designs on the lost technology for themselves. While no intel is clear it is also likely that foul species of xenos are being drawn to Ares for their own corrupt reasons.

Your orders are clear. Divert to the Ares system immediately, secure the forges and safeguard any and all technology found within. Suffer not the xenos, the mutant or the traitor to live.

[End of Data File]

[Psy-conduit Beta 81 Secudus Closed]

[User interface disconnecting…]

[Session terminated]

December 11th, 9.30 am
Players need a fun 1700 point army, there is no award for best general. Tickets are available from FA

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