Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrecked vehicle markers

I saw this on Bolter and Chainsword and just had to share it. I had my doubts at first when reading the description but when you see it in the youtube clip it looks awesome! We should definitely make some of these.


The things I bought were:

A six pack of flickering electric candles
Hot Glue for my Hot Glue Gun
Pillow Stuffing
Black Spray Paint

Upon arriving at home shortly after, I started. The steps are simple, as as follows:
1. Take flickering electric candle, and liberally apply clear hotglue all over the surface and sides.
2. Take Pillow foam, and rip it into a sensible shape for a smoke effect
3. Take the pillow foam, and attach the base of it to the glue covered electric candle, and make sure it sits well without showing the actual base.
4. Let Dry for 10 minutes
5. Spray from afar, as well as close up in alternating method with black spray paint to achieve a smoke look. Try to leave a little white of the foam showing, which will now be a bit grey looking.


  1. In accordance with the guy's wishes in the clip, I will refrain from telling him its not bitchin'. For surely it is. I wonder where you could get those candles in Hong Kong.....

  2. oooh! that's really good. You've gotta be able to get them.

  3. My modelling sills might even stretch to that!

  4. yeah but you have to paint them, unfortunately. :-)

  5. Honestly we wouldn't even have to light them up, they look fine just as cotton wool and black paint.