Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Isstvan V Campaign Phase III

[Incoming data...]
[Campaign SP: Loyalist Forces 14 - Traitor Forces 11]
[Phase III]
[CP: Loyalist Forces 0 - Traitor Forces 3]

Imperial Fists vs. Death Guard
Mission: Classified
Death Guard Victory: 3-1 - 3CP

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Isstvan V Campaign Phase II

Urgall Depression
Alternate Timeline

[Incoming data...]
[Campaign SP: Loyalist Forces 14 - Traitor Forces 11]
[Phase II]
[CP: Loyalist Forces 5 - Traitor Forces 12]
[End Phase: Traitor Victory - 10 SP]

Imperial Fists vs. Sons of Horus
Mission IV: Tide of War
Imperial Fist Victory: 4-3 - 3CP
Captain Abaddon unscathed [5]

Ultramarines vs. Death Guard
Mission: Domination
Ultramarine Victory: 9-4 - 1CP
Mortarion unscathed [5]
Typhon unscathed [6]

Raven Guard vs. Emperor's Children
Mission III: Deadly Ground
Tactical Stalemate: 1 CP each

Ultramarines vs. World Eaters
Mission I: Brother Against Brother
World Eater Victory: 23-15 - 5CP

Raven Guard vs. World Eaters
Mission: Kill Points
World Eater Victory: 8-1 - 3CP

Raven Guard vs. Emperor's Children
Mission VI: War of Lies
Emperor's Children Victory: 9-1 - 3CP

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Isstvan V Campaign Phase I

Urgall Depression
[Alternate Timeline]

[Incoming data...]
[Campaign SP: Loyalist Forces 14 - Traitor Forces 1]
[Phase I]
[CP: Loyalist Forces 17 - Traitor Forces 12]
[End Phase: Loyalist Victory - 14 SP]

Friday, November 14, 2014

Space Hulk - Dark Angels Campaign (Mission 2 and 3)

Mission 2 – Perimeter Secured

The air within the Scriptorum located in Zone 2-4 Sigma still stank of burnt ozone.  Zahariel, together with his four brother knights proceeded to act swiftly in accordance to Azrael’s orders upon boarding the hulk via the teleportation beacons set up earlier by Squad Dominus and Ulciscor.  Of the Knights deployed, Zahariel was tasked to stay behind to rendezvous with Sergeant Alessio’s squad as the mission he was about to embark would not be possible without any support from members within the First Company. 

Alessio was honored when Master Belial assigned his squad to back up a member of the Knights, given he had only recently been promoted to Sergeant.  He was eager to prove his worth to a senior member of the Inner Circle and the squad under his leadership could feel the sergeant’s uneasiness from his usual cool and collected demeanor.  During their transit from The Rock to the hulk aboard the torpedo, not a single word was spoken between the Terminators, until Brother Titus broke the silence as usual.

“What troubles you, brother sergeant?”

“I feel that there’s something more sinister at hand here, Titus.  Be mindful that leadership for this engagement falls on our brother Knights.  Know our places and remember that Knight Zahariel’s command represents direct order from Grand Master Azrael.  Stay sharp brothers.”

The boarding torpedo accelerated to maximum velocity as it prepared to breach the space hulk’s adamantium hull.  The squad aboard braced themselves for the impact and if it wasn’t for their terminator plates and gene-forged physiology, the impact would have been devastating.

As the torpedo ramp fully descended, Sergeant Alessio was the first to step foot onto the hulk. 

“Glad you have made it, Sergeant Alessio.  I could use your help.  Master Belial speaks highly of you”, greeted Zahariel.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Short story submission for local tournament competition

10 seconds...
Upper stratosphere cleared, wind sheer effect on pod increased to .75fps. Trajectory altered, recalculated route will result in minor impact with ground structure. Hazard level: minimal.
9 seconds...
Squad status: green light ten by ten. Armour machine spirits at maximum efficiency and responsiveness. Deltrian shows minor heightened state in the amygdala, standard drop response for him, he is restless for battle.
8 seconds...
Environmental threat level increased to category alpha 5, xenos pollutants now fully altering biological makeup of planet's surface. Increased levels of acidity, increased airborne spore count by ten billion parts per cubic inch, decreased visibility by 63.2% from baseline. Adjust accordingly.
7 seconds...
Topographic layout of drop-site, magnification at 2x, increase magnification to 8x. Enemy formations are shifting, scattering, aware of incoming threat. Lesser organisms swarming closer around synaptic lynch-pins. Forming defensive cordons, as expected. Primary target 5.5m closer from original target location.
6 seconds...
Biological data-file on lesser tyranid organism designated genus: Gauntii Virago. 6 meters long nose to tail, 6 limbs four hoofed two clawed, multi-lung system enclosed in hardened carapace, single heart located center mass. Weapon mutation designated fleshborer. Weak points: center face, limbs and neck. Threat level: minimal.
5 seconds...
Biological data-file on primary target designated genus: Tyranicus Gladius Subterranius. 40 meters long nose to tail, 6 limbs all bladed. Multi-lung redundant systems enclosed in bonded exoskeleton, multi-heart center and lower mass. Weapon mutation bio-electric. Weak points: lower abdomen, limb joints, underside tail section and underside jaw. Threat level: extremis.
4 seconds...
Ammunition recheck, full compliment. Squad ammunition recheck, full compliment. Squad heavy weapon lascannon charge maximum.
3 seconds...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Space Hulk - Dark Angels Campaign (Opening & Mission 1)

In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy and destruction of Caliban, the First Legion had desperately salvaged what was left of their home world to create The Rock.  Essentially a mobile fortress made of the remnants of Caliban and used as a base of operations for the Dark Angels, the sons of Lion El’Jonson began their holy quest to hunt down those they had once called brothers.  Where once they had fought side by side and would have gladly given up their lives for, now all that is left is bitter hatred that can only ever be quenched through retribution and blood-shed. 

The Dark Angels traveled tirelessly across the stars to see through any possible leads that may lead them to The Fallen.  Guided by the Legion’s Inner Circle, they mercilessly pursued those that had betrayed their gene-sire through treachery and deceit.  As The Fallen spread further away from Segmentum Obsurus, the Dark Angel’s hunt became ever more difficult.  Even with the aid of the Legion’s Epistolaries, it seemed as if their quarries had vanished, leaving not even the slightest psychic trail behind for them to track.

As the Angels will realize, most of The Fallen have taken refuge within the Eye of Terror.  The renegade Dark Angels waited patiently within the warp, guided by their Chaos gods.  They waited for centuries, anticipating for a sign as to when they may come out of their hiding.  Despite their newfound faith, the starships that carried the traitors were not immune to the Immaterium’s voracious powers.  As time passed, the Gellar Field Devices installed to allow starships and its occupants to survive the extremely hostile environment of Warpspace would weaken and eventually collapse, allowing the denizens of the Warp to tear inside the ship to reach and consume the souls of all living things aboard.  As for the ship itself, the adamantium hull and superstructure would be similarly distorted and warped into a mangled mass, floating lifelessly within the Warp until by chance it collided with another ship to create a space hulk, before returning to real space. 

c. 580.M40
Chief Librarian Ezekiel received a distressed call via astropathic communication signaling a massive space hulk sighting.  Traveling dangerously close to a commercial route used for industrial trading by the Imperium, complete annihilation through fire would be disastrous as the debris left in its destruction may hit and destroy numerous merchant ships not built for space warfare.  The most disturbing aspect was that the communication was immediately lost after transmission and never recovered, despite the combined efforts of the Chief Librarian, senior Epistolaries as well as the other astropaths and psykers aboard The Rock.  Not only was psychic communication rendered impossible, but the use of their latent powers became more difficult by the minute. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Imperial Fists Painting Yellow - An Experiment and an Evolution

We all know how tough it is to paint yellow, so I set out to yet again smash the preconceived notions of the painting world (an in-joke there not just plain arrogance haha) and find an easy and successful way of painting Imperial Fists. They all said (they being Ben) you couldn't dry-brush marines but I showed them! So here goes...

First of I start by basecoating them white in order to bring out the yellow more. Then I dry-brush Averland Sunset.