Thursday, September 29, 2016

Isstvan V Campaign Phase II

Urgall Depression
Alternate Timeline

[Incoming data...]
[Campaign SP: Loyalist Forces 14 - Traitor Forces 11]
[Phase II]
[CP: Loyalist Forces 5 - Traitor Forces 12]
[End Phase: Traitor Victory - 10 SP]

Imperial Fists vs. Sons of Horus
Mission IV: Tide of War
Imperial Fist Victory: 4-3 - 3CP
Captain Abaddon unscathed [5]

Ultramarines vs. Death Guard
Mission: Domination
Ultramarine Victory: 9-4 - 1CP
Mortarion unscathed [5]
Typhon unscathed [6]

Raven Guard vs. Emperor's Children
Mission III: Deadly Ground
Tactical Stalemate: 1 CP each

Ultramarines vs. World Eaters
Mission I: Brother Against Brother
World Eater Victory: 23-15 - 5CP

Raven Guard vs. World Eaters
Mission: Kill Points
World Eater Victory: 8-1 - 3CP

Raven Guard vs. Emperor's Children
Mission VI: War of Lies
Emperor's Children Victory: 9-1 - 3CP

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  1. ullo, any more days/campaigning going on while we still have 7th edition?

    My Death Guard (and my dice) are ... rusty :D