Friday, July 15, 2011

Ultramarine's 2nd and 3rd Company Apocalypse Battle

Nothing to much but a few shots from the recent apocalypse battle. The full Ultrmarine 2nd company plus elements of the 3rd led by Sicarius and Fabian respectively. Naturally, Sicarius had overall command! The enemy was a force of tricksy Eldar and despicable Blood Angel, Grey Knight and Sororitas collaborators. We're not sure what lies the Eldar told them but it was not going to get in the way of our prosecution of our ongoing campaign against the Tau in the sector.

Nearly all of the 2nd has deployed via drop pod at this point. Only 2 more tactical squads and an assault squad remain in strategic reserve. The 3rd Company starts pushing forward on the left flank. The enemy has yet to full deploy, keeping most of their strength in reserve. It would all appear just left of the 3rd's lead Land Raider.

A view of the Ultramarine's line from the vantage point of 2 squads of Blood Angel devastators.

Tactical Squad 'Scipio' in the foreground would later be wiped out by Eldar Shining Spears. They will be forever honoured.

The calm before the storm. The Ultramarines are all in position and dug in awaiting the enemies assault.

Sicarius and his command take position on the landing pad and oversee deployment. In the background are the 'Titan Killers' devastator squad. Later responsible for shooting down 2 storm ravens.

Devastator squad 'Guilliman's Fist' in position in the ruins of a collapsed structure. They would be instrumental in taking out outflanking Eldar jetbikes and in forcing the opposing Blood Angel devatators to ground.

Thunderhawk arrives on it's first attack run. Targeting the Eldar jetbikes with all it's firepower. Intercepted enemy communications told the Ultramarines that their foe were in disarray over how to take it down. :P


  1. The 3rd took the brunt of the attack, the 2nd owe us in blood! :P

  2. The 3rd may have born the brunt of the enemy's attack but it was the 2nd who captured 3 objectives upon landing and contested a 4th by the end of the battle.
    Neither will it be forgotten that a single tactical marine squad engaged and destroyed an Eversor assassin and a Grey Knight champion all the while defending their assigned objective. And in similar heroic fashion befitting only of the 2nd Company another tactical squad held the line against the charge of an enemy Blood Angel Captain and a Sanguinary Priest.
    Do you not also owe the 2nd's lascannon devastator squad a debt of gratitude for bringing down the storm ravens?
    It saddens me that the 3rd forget these things so easily.
    But it will not be said that the 2nd do not honour the 3rd's valiant and stoic defense of the left flank.

  3. pure awesomeness... I can't wait to see your entire ultra marine army painted up! :)