Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inquisitor Wodin Grime: Coming to a heretic near you soon....

Inquisition Pre-Heresy Land Raider. This is the command tank: and thought it would be good to deck it out for Inquisitorial work: with a couple of shrines and a library along the back, full of weighty tomes and grimoires.

The Stormravens are less decked out: as these are more for the henchmen than the land raider.

Lots of weathering, esp round the exits and where people would walk most. I did two layers of weathering: with characdon granite, and then straight black on the most weathered areas. The floor has been weathered with a mix of earth/rust/mig pigments: and the upper surfaces have had light dust weathering pigments applied, to represent the light dust you get on upper surfaces in military vehicles. I've got to clean these up yet, before sealing them in with varnish.

Should have applied transfers before this stage, so will probably add a little bit more weathering once I've put transfers on and sealed them in with gloss varnish.

A mix of Wyches and various human sets.

Waiting for plastic grey knights to come into stock to build crusader weapons.

The crusaders are a dark angel standard bearer, gryff oberon, and a mordheim witch hunter i've had my eye on for a while.....

I started off by making the chimeras with the normal turrets, but once i had put the basic colours on they didn't seem to fit so well with the two stormravens, and I wanted them to have the three colours: green screens, red stripes and white main colours. It was then i thought that the servitor turrets I didn't use would fit in nicely. A bit of cutting and chopping, and think these are going to look really cool. More high tech, and fitting nicely with the

Here are the final chimeras, in all their duffed up glory.

Now onto the landraider.... squads still to go!


  1. Least the guys have something to read on the long journey to getting their asses handed to them! jk jk jk! :P Are they the last decades worth of FHM nicely sorted and leather bound by any chance?

  2. But seriously, it'd be a shame to seal all that interior in without some way of seeing it all clearly. Any further thoughts on showcasing it? Maybe leaving the top un-glued is really the best option.