Monday, May 30, 2011

How many veterans does it take to pop a rhino?

Recently I've seen some of our local gamers creating lists for new armies they're playing and its interesting to see how much anti-tank they think is enough and what the value of various anti-tank units is. Some people think that Ravagers for example should be a pretty darn reliable anti tank solution. So in response I've done a bit of math-hammer, pitting some anti-tank weapons vs the ubiquitous and humble space marine rhino.

A Dark Lance vs a rhino
BS 4 = 66.6% of hit
Strength 8 vs armour 11 (66.6 / 2 ) = 33.3 chance to penetrate
To wreck or explode (33.3 / 3) = 1.1
One in three chance to wreck or explode means that a single non-twin linked dark lance shot has around a 1 in 10 chance to destroy a rhino.

Meltagun at close range vs a rhino
BS 4 = 66.6% chance of a hit
Needing a 4 to penetrate on 2d6 = 81%
Needing a 4+ to wreck or destroy = 40.9% chance to destroy a vehicle with a single melta shot at close range, without including the possibility of destroying it with a glancing hit.

Lascannon vs rhino
BS 4 = 66.6% chance of a hit
Needing a 3 to penetrate = 44.4% to penetrate
Needing a 5+ to wreck or destroy =  14.8% to destroy a rhino with a single lascannon shot.

In other words, to have a fair chance to destroy a rhino with no cover save (defining a fair chance as better than 50% chance) you would need:
5 dark lances
Or 2 meltaguns
Or 4 lascannons
To have a fairly certain chance (defining fairly certain as better than 75%) you would need:
7 dark lances
Or 5- 6 lascannons
Or still 2 meltaguns
This is all assuming the enemy vehicles never get a cover save.
This has some pretty scary implications when you consider that to really reliably down a rhino, you could need two whole ravagers for the job, and if the rhino pops smoke, even that could well not be enough.


  1. You only need one Krak Missile to destroy a Storm Raven though :)

  2. How about if you add Vulkan into the mix for the melta gun method?

    Or the Caz-effect?