Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Trials of Blood

From the four corners of the galaxy they are drawn: rogues, mercenaries, traitors and cutthroats. Their reasons for the pilgrimage myriad but ultimately the end game is always about one thing...power. And for you it is no different, Malek Draedenor has summoned you, the Trials of Blood begin again and you must answer. The Scourge of Vilesius the Tyrant of the Malevolent Vale his name is whispered across a thousand sectors on a billion worlds, he is feared and loathed in equal measure and it is to him that you now travel to seek his patronage, his favour and, gods willing, a morsel of his power. This is your first time to the Ghauste sector of 'the eye' and while you have never seen Draedenor's Fortress of Sorrak-Gul in person you have heard the legends. The image of it that you conjure up in your mind is nowhere near as horrific as the real thing. Better known as the 'Iron Fang' Sorrak-Gul is a monolithic edifice part constructed and part created by the warp's daemonic powers. It is a twisted parody of the Aett on Fenris and it is where you must now go.

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