Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Aeyrgaard Campaign

[Authorization Confirmed]
[Psy-conduit Beta 81 Secundus opened]
[Accessing File V5/00819IV – Aeyrgaard System]
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[Data Received]
Originally brought into compliance early during the God Emperor’s Great Crusade[1], Aeyrgaard was a shining example of an isolated human world brought back into the light of the Emperor and the fold of humanity.
During the [Reference deleted] heresy, Aeyrgaard, knowing its true duty, immediately declared itself for the Emperor; and from its ideal locale launched many successful counter-offensives against the traitors. Despite being subjected to attack numerous times Aeyrgaard repelled them all; its massive munitions foundries remaining operational and forming a lynchpin in the Imperium’s struggle.
To recognize the role that Aeyrgaard had played during the conflict, Roboute Guilliman[2] honoured them by establishing a Second Founding chapter of Space Marines on the planet. These marines were known as the Scions of Aeyrgaard[3] and under their fine protection Aeyrgaard once again knew peace and prosperity.
However, at some point during the 37m Aeyrgaard was caught in a giant warp storm to which there had been no prior warning. So intense was the storm that the entire sector and outlying subsectors were entirely shrouded and cut-off from outside communication. The storms did dissipate elsewhere but they never decreased their fury around Aeyrgaard. After four thousand years the warp storms subsided and what emerged was a far cry from what had entered. No longer did the giant fortresses and bastion cities rise from verdant fields, the mighty rivers and great oceans no longer reached across its surface. Instead the entire planet was a frozen wasteland; the civilization on Aeyrgaard had been extinguished.
All that remained of any habitation were a few scattered skeletal structures that could have possibly been the remnants of the deepest of the fortresses catacombs. Many subsequent expeditions and investigations of the planet revealed not a single trace of the Imperium. Most painful and disturbing of all was that the Scions of Aeyrgaard had all but vanished, seemingly swallowed by the warp.
Remarkably the planet is now rich in a mineral composite known as mezzocorona[4] or more simply M2a. M2a being the vital component in plasma core weaponry. Mysteriously, Aeyrgaard had never before recorded any traces of M2a prior to the warp storm.
[Checking clearance…]
[…level alpha 5]
[Access granted]
There are some techpriests and Arcodivinators that believe somehow the raw energies of the warp reduced all living matter into M2a but these beliefs are totally unfounded and fabrications of an unhealthy and unstable mind. It is a slur on the legacy of the Aeyrgaard population to further this line of thinking.
[Resuming standard data stream…]
Whatever the case Aeyrgaard has once again become an important part of the Imperium of Man. Foundries and industrial hives cover the planet and its natural resources now fuel a thousand wars across hundreds of thousands of star systems.
However, a dark veil has once again fallen over Aeyrgaard. In the last decade the planetary governor has seceded the entire system from the Imperium and has declared himself openly to the ruinous powers.
The time has come for the Astartes, the angels of the Emperor, to return to Aeyrgaard. This time under the banner of conquest and destruction. A new chapter is being written and war will once again descend upon Aeyrgaard.
[End of Data File]
[Psy-conduit Beta 81 Secudus Closed]
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[Session terminated]

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  1. Awesome. Mustering forces as we speak! The Heretics will be ready for whatever the imperium can throw at them!

  2. Traitorous Ultramarines calling warpstorms onto the planet! Where will they be when it's time to reclaim it!!