Friday, July 8, 2011

Kharn the Betrayer WIP

Went to town on the greenstuffing this time. Originally planned on just making his boots square toed but then just kept going bulking out his thigh armour and greaves. I think it's a vast improvement on the skinny legs he had before. Plus those skull knee plates don't stand out so much anymore.

Slight progress on the WIP. I've greenstuffed the gaps in Kharn's arm and backpack and filed off the excess around his waist. Also added some to his outstretched hand, which will be chunks of gore. I also went with a older Mk. of power armour backpack.

Sick of the 'current' Kharn model I've started work on my pre-heresy mini diorama replacement version. Got a lot of greenstuff work to do on the arm etc. but that's the basic layout. The idea is he has had his left shoulder guard and upper armour torn off (there will be a damaged pad in front of him eventually). His outstretched right hand will be drenched in gore - in a way beseeching someone or something to appreciate his kills. The Emperor just not showing him the gratitude he feels he clearly deserves!


  1. great: lots of movement in the base.figure

  2. good job dude... Its always nice to see works in progress entries... keep up the good work warlock...