Thursday, June 21, 2012

Even MORE leaks

More stuff from the white dwarf dreadnoughts have the Hammer of Wrath rule when they charge.

Grenades can be thrown two seperate instances they mention this frag and krak. One example was a space marine captain throwing a krak grenade to finish off an Ork truck Sweet!!!!

There is look out special rule one example says that a nob leading orks only got a 4+ due to not being an independent character. I suppose that ind characters will get a 2+ rule let's you transfer wounds to another model helpfully for keeping upgrade sergeants nobs etc alive.

Flyers hit each other on normal ballistic skill

Flyers must be in hover mode then count as fast skimmer to unload troops then hit on normal ballistic skill.
Fliers get a 5+ evade when shot at by other flyers example given has Ork fighter pull out of battle for a turn then automatically comes back next turn no reserves roll.

Troops in a transport that is flying and is shot out of sky all take a strength 10 hit no saves allowed wow but makes sense really.

Mentions a land raider being a beast can fire one weapon at combat speed then another due to machine spirit then says and can snap fire the assault cannon and pintle multi Melta unsure if this as bs1 like over watch

When charging multiple units you lose your bonus attack for charging and both units can over watch fire at you.

Overwatch shooting a flamer gives you d3 automatic hits cool.

An example says the entire daemon army causes fear

I know it has been mentioned before but terminators gave example of only having their armor beaten by power fists , axes ... At the risk of getting shouted out by the eldar banshees are no good anymore crowd I like the idea power weapons now ap3 mind you it does not say that but this implies something of the sort. Termies die to weight of fire and with rapid firing on the move at max range looks like there will be no shortage of that. Power weapons will still kill power armor that is heavy infantry. Ducks projectiles

Gives example of dreadnought being stunned so can only snap fire needing 6's to hit

Closest models die first

Buy terrain fortifications fortress of redemption in the 220's bastion in the 120's can upgrade with guns o comms array


  1. Thanks for this. Grenades doing more than just allowing you to fight at normal initiative is cool. Being able to toss it as you run into combat will be neat.

    I would like to see the Land Raider capable of snap-firing when nearby friendlies are charged to provide added support.

    Buying terrains as part of FOC will be crazy. Imagine everyone walking around w/ their suit-cases full of minis... and now w/ 6th ed an even bigger case for all the weird terrains..... okay for us given we use FA terrains... what happens if both players want a fortress of redemption? Lol...

  2. haha well the GW laughs all the way to the bank because people will have to buy the model! it's a genius way of getting people to buy more terrain.

  3. Exactly! Btw dude.... I'm heading back to Toronto for a week and I have some old Forge World resin road sections (3 pieces, 12" a piece), and barricades/hedges I can bring back as terrain for the store when I return...

    Will you guys be at the store tonight?

  4. yeah that'd be awesome dude! and yeah i think so for a bit