Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More 6th ed. rules rumours

Some more for thought:

Courtesy of a friend from Games Workshop who has spent time with the Warhammer 40k 6th Edition rulebook. We (manager of my LGS) sent him a list of questions and these were his answers. Alot of IDK's, but some good stuff in there too.

Did the Force Org chart change?

No, the force org has not changed. It is still 1 HQ and 2 Troops. 3 Fast Attack, 3 Elites, 3 Heavy Support. Although, allies allows you in certain situati...ons to to add an HQ from another army and 1 Troop. You also, once you have satisfied the minimums can take 1 Fast, 1 Elite and 1 Heavy for you allies also. After your list is 2,000 pts, it appears you can double the Force Org chart. So up to four HQ with allies.

Is there pre-measuring for actions? (which ones?)

Pre-measure anytime and anywhere.

What AP are: Chain Swords, Power Swords, Power Fists, Chain Fists, Thunder Hammers?

I do not know.

Cover Save for: Buildings, Ruins, Area Terrain (trees and whatnot)?

Cover saves seem less forgiving. I would expect less, I know being in woods or trees is now 5+. Also, if you have (Example) 4 guys that are not in terrain. I, being the shooting player, can target just those guys that are not in cover. I have no opportunity to kill the guys in cover although. Interesting.

What is the assault / charge distance?


Do vehicles have hull points?


How are psychic powers determined?

Leadership tests, everyone can attempt to nullify a psychic power.

What is the turn sequence?


How do rapid fire weapons work?

Rapid Fire appears to have not changed, that I saw...I don't know.

Is 'overwatch' (like Necromunda) in the rules - how does it work?

Snap Shot is the rule. Any unit being charged can make a snap shot at BS 1. They use the full profile of the weapon. You can also use snapshot offensively, that meaning my tactical squad even if I move, I can shoot my Lascannon at BS 1. No template weapons, tanks benefit from this rule.

Is there a defensive fire mechanic (snapfire) for units being assaulted in the rules - how does it work?

See above.

Can vehicles contest objectives?

I am not sure

Where does the red fern grow?

Somewhere in the Ozarks.

Will you declare and move types (like assault and/or run) in the move phase ala fantasy?


how will fleet usr work, especially if run is removed

Run is not removed. Fleet means you can re-roll you run or re-roll one of the D6 to charge.

Are flyers hit on 6's with shooting weapons and if true are there ways to mitigate that.

Flyers are hit on 6's if they perform a Zoom maneuver.

Details on how allies will work? Will it be on a codex by codex basis (eg CSM codex is rumored to allow IG and Chaos Demons via allies), with very specific unit allowances, more generic FOC based like the old demonhunter and witchhunter rules or fairly open ended anything goes.

There are three categories of allies. Lots of potential, I am not sure of the chart off the top of my head. CSM do get traitor guard, I also believe Demons. Tau have SM and Eldar. Lots of other arrangements. Tyranids get no one....but lots of Monstrous creature special rules added for their pleasure. Stomp, Impact Hits etc.

Details on how challeges will work? IC only? sgts and other models also involved? What about MCs and the like.

I dont know.

The AP of some other ccw's (rending, monstrous creatures, basic attacks, boneswords, two handed ccws,)

I dont know.

How will poison work in the new rules. Still rerolls if S equal or greater then T? Will the to wound number be adjusted at all (rumor that if you normally wound on 2+ then you use that number)

I dont know

Psychic defense and abilities for armies without psychers? Rumor that all units get a 6+ save against psychic powers. Another rumor that their might be ways for Tau etc to get psychers.

I believe everyone will have access to some sort of psyker. 6+ is true for everyone.

Example of new psychic power, maybe a default one and a super powerful one (assuming its like fantasy) and who would be able to take it in current codexes.

I dont know.

Whats the effect on embarked units when transport is damaged, wrecked, penned etc. Can they more easily go about their business like 5ed, or entagled like 4ed, or something in between.

Similar, not sure. Much harder to blow up vehicles. Vehicle Damage chart has change as well as Deep Strike Mishap has changed.

Affect of being open topped (good and bad)

Not sure, I believe it is the similar

Monstrous creature rules revamped at all? Like how do they get cover saves, are they more/less surviable, do they retain 2d6 pen, Ap of their cc attacks

Not sure, see above in allies for some info.

Rumor of changes to wound and to hit charts to be more like fantasy. True?

I am not sure

How will reserves work in the standard missions? Still always an option? Updates to determining when units arrive? Outflanking updated or same?

Normally it seems

Can you assault after deepstrike?


Changes to how units fire out of a vehicle (like say if it moves can only one model fire, is their range reduced, do they gain relentless)

None that I noticed

Does relentless add shots to weapon if statioanry and if so is it just rapid fire weapons or is it also assault

I do not know

Pistols work different now? Do they just add attack like a ccw or can they actually fire in cc.

I do not know this.

Assault weapons work different now? Can you still shoot and assault or ill they get some sort of ability to fire or affect on the charge?

I believe this is the same.


  1. A lot of "i don't know" but the things that were hinted at seemed positive... especially this for me: "Tyranids get no [allies]....but lots of Monstrous creature special rules added for their pleasure. Stomp, Impact Hits etc."

  2. snap shots while heavy weapons on the move as well as only being able to target models exposed from cover makes a lot more sense. Good find Alex!