Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Further 6th ed rumours

- Hull Points are in, it is stated that Ghost Arks, Land Raiders, and Defilers each have 4 Hull Points apiece. Necrons have the ability to strip hull points for each roll of a 6 to penetrate/glance vehicles, making rapid-firing gauss weaponry very powerful at removing armour.

- Speaking of rapid fire, you can indeed move and fire once up to the full range of the weapon (it is explicitly stated that Fire Warriors can fire their weapons up to 30" away), no confirmation on the 3x fire for Relentless at half range though.

- Assault moves are indeed 2d6", but added together. Units equipped with jump packs can re-roll the dice to see how far they charge.

- The Rage USR gives you +2 attacks on the charge

- All flying monstrous creatures have the ability to fly 24", doing something called a "Vector Strike", which is a certain amount of automatic hits to a unit they fly over, at the base strength of the creature.

- Monstrous creatures' attacks are explicitly AP 2

- Every army must select a "Warlord" or single general to lead the army, this leader gets an ability. They can choose between three different types of abilities, "Personal", "Inspirational" or "Strategic". They then roll on one of those charts to see what ability it is. The two examples given were a Grand Master giving all friendlies within 12" his Ld of 10 (Inspirational), and a Chaos Lord being a scoring unit (Personal, the ability itself was called "Immovable Object")

- Flyers are a specific type of unit, and it is somewhat unclear as to the rules for shooting at them. Either all units require a 6 to hit them (unless they have a special rule called Skyfire), or this is still the case but only if those flyers move flat-out. Monstrous creatures with the ability to Fly also get this "6-to-hit" rule.

- You have the ability to buy different terrain (it even has its own slot on the new FOC), e.g, you can buy a Bastion with a Quad-Gun (which has the aforementioned Skyfire USR). There seem to be quite a few options for what terrain you can buy, but naturally most of them are typically represented by terrain kits GW sells.

- Now we're on the topic of the FOC, the rules for allies weren't laid out specifically, but it is heavily implied that its not the same as in WHFB. They refer to allied units as "Detachments", and there is an example of a player with a Chaos Space Marine force having some detachments of Chaos Daemons in his army. Basically, I was given the impression that it is far more common (and frequent) for a detachment from another 40k army to join a larger one, than it is for a Fantasy army to have Allies. Think more along the lines of the Storm of Magic rules for using TK, VC, or Daemons.

- Here's a biggie: Units -can- go on Overwatch, giving them the ability to fire upon an enemy unit which charges them, but at BS 1. Eldar (and any other army with access to the Clairvoyance psychic power set) can use a psychic power to give a unit the ability to fire at their usual BS.

- Monstrous Creatures have access to a special "Smash" attack, allowing them to halve their attacks, but double their strength. It mentions that this gives them the ability to destroy tanks more easily.

- It's somewhat hinted that AP will have some kind of affect against vehicles. This is because part of the Munitorum dice set includes vehicle damage dice. It specifies that some of the dice are "AP 1, AP 2, and AP 3 Damage dice", or something to that effect.

- 4 Disciplines of Psychic powers, basically what we were thinking in terms of Clairvoyance, Biomancy, etc etc. There's a chart near the back of the WD detailing which (if any) psychic disciplines a particular army gains access to. It's interesting to see that a large amount of armies don't have access to any at all.

- Land Speeders have the special rule "Jink", which gives them a 5+ save all the time, this changes to 4+ if they go flat out. (I'm reasonably sure all fast skimmers get this, I'm not sure whether it's a USR or just a quality Fast Skimmers get)

-Also,models are taken from the front when they're shot. Or, to put it another way, when a unit gets shot at, models from the part of the unit closest to the firer are removed first.

[10:35:09] <source> Ok
[10:35:13] <source> so GW is spoilin 6E
[10:35:15] <source> over the phone
[10:35:23] <source> allies chart is in for sure, a matrix
[10:40:13] <source> you need 1 HQ 2 Troop of your own army
[10:40:26] <source> then you can ally, need 1 HQ 1 Troop of that army
[10:40:31] <source> then may take other slots
[10:45:49] <source> it's still move shoot assault
[10:46:01] <source> "snapshop" = stand and shoot for an assaulted unit
[10:46:20] <source> BS1
[10:46:58] <source> no template or blast
[10:47:32] <source> someone gimme a BoLS link so I can confirm/deny ****
[10:48:04] <source> "schools of psychic powers"
[10:48:11] <source> not sure if its random though
[10:50:44] <source> these psychic powers are IN ADDITION to your codex powers
[10:51:11] <source> so you don't lose any of the powers in a current codex
[10:52:25] <source> premeasure all the time
[10:52:40] <source> random charges 2d6 for foot, 3d6 drop lowest for jump pack troops
[10:53:05] <source> jump pack troops get "hammer of wrath" = impact hits, 1 A @ I 10, normwal weapon normal attack
[10:53:35] <source> for jump packs, not sure about wings, maybe
[10:53:41] <source> he only got to look at the book for an hour
[10:53:46] <source> to "pick topics for customers"
[11:00:13] <source> 6 missions, and 3 deployment zones
[11:00:23] <source> primary and 3 secondary objectives
[11:00:28] <source> vps for objectives
[11:00:35] <chip> source
[11:00:37] <chip> you have the book?
[11:00:45] <chip> oh, over the phone
[11:00:48] <source> yeh
[11:01:02] <source> "first blood" = 2nd objective
[11:01:09] <source> worth 1 vp
[11:01:37] <source> any questions chip?
[11:01:42] <source> I got him for like 10 mins more maybe ;p
[11:01:50] <chip> can special characters be brought as allies
[11:02:07] <source> he didn't see any limit on it no
[11:02:25] <source> no more dawn of war, no more spearhead
[11:02:41] <source> one is like triangles
[11:02:44] <source> cleanse 2?
[11:02:47] <chip> vehicle damage chart info?
[11:03:13] <source> as in?
[11:03:27] <chip> 1's stacking to destroyed? hull points?
[11:03:30] <chip> either/or/and
[11:04:20] <source> short edge to short edge deployment type
[11:04:21] <source> lol
[11:04:52] <chip> no ****ing way
[11:05:13] <chip> Can you get info about different CCW AP values
[11:05:20] <source> he didn't look at that
[11:05:26] <source> I did ask, there is somethin about CCWs
[11:05:37] <source> power weapon is AP2
[11:06:35] <chip> You sure about that? Pretty confident people said AP3
[11:07:45] <source> there is a hull point systemm, damage chart changed
[11:08:03] <source> 1-2 shaked 3 = stuned 4 = weapon destroyed 5 = wrecked 6 = kablam
[11:08:25] <source> he didnt seen an immobile on the chart
[11:08:42] <source> he just "Saw that it said AP2, not sure what it was about"
[11:09:20] <chip> oh crazy
[11:10:05] <source> terrain is a part of the FoC
[11:10:13] <source> aegis defense line 50pts
[11:10:27] <source> cover is 5+
[11:11:18] <chip> wow
[11:11:21] <chip> thats way cheaper than i thought
[11:11:39] <chip> any example psychic powers?
11:12:31] <source> nope
[11:12:42] <source> "fortifcation FOC slot"
[11:13:09] <source> 1 per game
[11:14:38] <chip> so no tables full of terrain
[11:15:57] <source> err sorry 1 per player per game
[11:16:25] <source> rapid fire is half range not 12"
[11:17:47] <chip> oh interesting
[11:17:51] <source> rapid fire isnt limited by movement
[11:17:52] <chip> but aren't rapid fire guns 24"
[11:17:55] <chip> so half range is 12"
[11:18:09] <source> snapshot is also for HWs that have moved
[11:18:52] <chip> wait, so you can fire a krak missile as a snapshot?
[11:19:06] <source> yes
[11:19:10] <source> BS1
[11:19:22] <source> heavy bolter that moves = 3 shots at BS1
[11:20:54] <chip> thats insane


  1. Honestly that snap-fire rule is pretty lame. Shooting at BS1 isn't going to do squat. I can understand something along the line of a penalty to regular BS stat (so -1 if charged by troops, -2 if by monstrous + Ld test for nerves, so on).

    Also, haven't heard much regarding the evasion stat that units are supposedly to get to determine the ease of which a firing unit can hit it's target. I was looking forward to that actually.

  2. Well yeah it's not powerful but lets be honest in Fantasy 'stand and shoot' isn't super powerful and remember this is still the enemies don't want to be wiping them out before they charge in their own phase. It's designed to just maybe thin them out a little bit. Only certain weapons can be used as well and apparently Eldar and/or one of the disciplines allow you to use your unmodified BS.

  3. Snapfire sounds pretty deadly to me. Especially considering that charges will be a random 2d6 now, so you might get snapfired and not even make it into combat, then shot again and charged yourself in the enemy's turn. Rapid fire weapons will suddenly seem a lot better. Who knows, you might even get to use First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire or things of that nature depending on their wording.

    I'm hoping you'll be able to snapfire from inside a transport. My Kabalites with their splinter racks on raiders which make their guns twin-linked will happily take that.

    Looking at it again, the article mentions that the psychic power which allows you to snapfire at normal BS is in the clairvoyance set which im assuming is actually the divination set, which Grey Knights have. So there'll be lots of strength 5 storm bolter goodness coming your way.

  4. great...tyranids get screwed again...the ONE strength we have is our that's being nerfed haha :P