Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final 40K 5th edition battle... in Toronto

Hi folks.... was back in Toronto for the last two weeks for my cousin's wedding so brought my Dark Angels for a game w/ the manager at GW Langstaff. Great guy, he fielded a very nicely painted IG army.... we played pitched battle and kill points.... managed to pull off a 7-5 win at the end of the 6th.... here's so pictures of the BR.... enjoy!


  1. Cool. Really makes me appreciate the terrain we've made for our store now though!

  2. Reminds me of American McGee's Alice

  3. I quite liked the Realm of Battle board that GW makes, but the sloppy bits can get a bit slippery.... at one point my bikes actually rammed down two guardsmen (and they were metal)before charging into hand to hand.

    And I have to agree Alex, the terrains at FA are much more diversified than the collection at a GW branch.