Wednesday, July 4, 2012

6th Ed, The friendly gamers edition???

So as some of you know I seem to have broken 6th ed already with my flying Necron army... sorry about that (details of the list and a tactica to follow after the tournament ;-).
However it got me thinking.  Last night I arranged a battle with a friend and the first thing he said was, "You aren't bringing any fliers right?"  I laughed, agreed and everything seems cool, but I realised that although 6th ed is in its infancy, already IG and Necron flier builds are very strong as very little else can field as many fliers as we can or mount any kind of genuinely effect form of defence against them.  That means we have to discuss the battle before we fight it.  Certainly I wouldn't bring the flying croissants of doom against a friend without warning them. 

We need to discuss limitations, list builds and strategies before we begin a fight.  I like that, its almost as though Games Workshop have built an edition that pushes you towards that communal wargamers attitude that they seem to want to cultivate in us and away from WAAC players with erectile dysfunction (a little wargamer social engineering if you will!)

Down with competitive play and hurrah for two guys hanging out and having fun together (stop sniggering at the back!)

I know it is early to make a statement like that and I'm sure some you will scream about me excusing bad balance in the game but here we are...
and I like where we are...
but then I would, I play broken Necrons :-D

What do you guys think?
Early thoughts on the edition, better or worse?  All discussion is welcome...


  1. I think it's a bit too early to tell. We'll have to see what other codexes get to balance the amount of fliers necrons and IG can take. Another wave of flier releases?

    On a different note: apart from fliers, I'm impressed with how well 6th played. I like the wound allocation rules, and the challenge rules worked really well: I think they've got the cinematic feel the rules-writers were going for.

    My feeling about fliers is that codexes will be updated as they go along. My problem at the moment is that we'll be returning to the dull days of mono-builds, where we see the same armies again and again. But again: I think they'll possibly be a new round of FAQs a few weeks after the rules are released.

    At least I hope so....! ;-)

  2. Why wouldn't you bring your flying croissants of doom against a friend without warning them? who brings a knife to a knife fight?

  3. I think 6th edition is so much better than 5th was. The way combat works and how you take casualties is far better and makes for some real thought into how you charge and how you deploy your units.

    Power fists are no longer auto untouchable - you can still make them survive until their I1 step but you have to be canny about their placement.

    Characters and challenges work great - 6s in shooting and cqc allowing allocation is brilliant.

    Fliers are actually perfectly fine as long as one player doesn't go overboard. Having the standard max. 3 isn't broken at all, it's still manageable for the opponent and most likely they would have 3 as well which would allow for a whole other dimension of battle to be taking place while the standard ground war continues.

    Transports seem a lot weaker than they were under the old edition as it seems one round of shooting 'overloads' a vehicles hull points in one go. So for things like the rhino you can only expect them to rush forward early game, get your unit to the area you want it to be and then expect to lose it.

    However, the weakness but repairability of vehicles now means an actually reason to take techmarines and enginseers which is nice because they were completely redundant unit entries in 5th edition. Now if I take a land raider I will seriously think about taking a techmarine in servoharness to ride along and repair on a 4+.

    I really do hope we see more units able to deal with fliers as more codexes come out - things like devastators, predators etc. being able to purchase the skyfire rule - but I have a sneaky feeling that the only thing that will be released to deal with fliers will be more fliers. Thus, the problem wont necessarily be 'fixed' in the right way. The pinnacle of brokeness for this edition seems to be that fliers are king.

    But like I said under 5th edition...40K is meant and designed to be played friendly, casually and for neither player to try and 'break' it. If both lists are fluffy and not harsh then games under 6th edition are going to be awesome!