Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ethrion's Pre-Heresy Ultramarines

Half of legion tactical squad 'Rianorix' led by Diocletian who favours wielding two gladii in combat.

The first two of my pre-Ullanor Ultramarines.

"Ten seconds until hull breach" intoned the machine spirit of the craft as it shuddered and pitched making the last few course corrections. Elsewhere scores of similar craft were making their final approaches to the enemy vessel and so far thankfully none had been destroyed on route.

"Courage and honour, brother" growled Procyon to his battle-brother in front of him. Gracchus grinned in anticipation of the battle to come and kept his eyes fixed firmly on the assault ramp.

"" With a bone pulverizing punch the ram tore through the six feet of armour plating and ploughed into the flank of the hostile cruiser. Moments later the explosive bolts fired and the assault craft's doors smashed down.

"Courage and honour!" roared Gracchus as nineteen other space marines responded in kind and charged.

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  1. Looking great: love the guy with two swords. He's got than mean look about him.