Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Erasmus: a Sabbat World Narrative Campaign

In the aftermath of the Imperial victory on Balhaut, fleeing Chaos Forces scattered, bring ruin and flames to the exposed planets of the Sabbat Worlds. Tanith burnt. Sapiencia, Verghast, Aexe Cardinal, and unhappy Cociaminus all suffered the blight of war.

And Erasmus III, : where Magister Erok brought his elite Blood Pact forces.

Pleas to the Imperial Warmaster, Macaroth, went unheeded. 'I was chasing the horizon,' he later said. While he chased glory, undefended planets continued to burn.

The people of Erasmus III were lucky. Thier pleas were heard. By a passing Black Templar's Battle Barge....who heard, and listened, and sent a force to liberate the planet.


Alex and I were playing a lot of games, so we thought it was a good idea to put these battles into a narrative framwork, so that our usual pick-up games became a loose campaign. Welcome to the Scourging of Erasmus Narrative Campaign!

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  1. Dramatis Personae:

    Black Templars

    Marshall William Aguilon
    Master of Sanctity Gebhard Morestall
    The Emperor's Champion Robert le Dracon
    Contemptor dreadnought-brother Everade
    Battle-brother Guillaume Eckharte