Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ravenwing Attack Squadron

Finally, after weeks of procrastination and excuses, I managed to finish my Ravenwing attack squadron.  I used a couple of old school Ravenwing pewter parts, see if you can pick them out.

Pretty happy with the way this squadron turned out.  Now thinking if I should work on a 2nd Tactical squad (armed exactly as my other squad - Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun & Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol and chain- sword) using the pieces from DV.  I'm going to take mess around and maybe try to convert the Sergeant so he's holding a Power Maul instead of just the chain-sword.

Or is that a so-so upgrade?

Anyway... comments and criticism appreciated.



  1. Nice dude! I reckon the plasma gunner with the gun raised (not the one aiming) is the metal one.

    Putting a maul on the sergeant would be useful for dealing with orks and tyranids. Plus it looks cool and gives you the ability to deal with multiple threats.

  2. Thanks man! Yep, I was actually at FA and finished the cleaning, assembling and priming process for the Tactical squad earlier.

    I managed to convert the sergeant to holding a power maul, and I've very happy with the result. The wrist was cut perfectly and after the undercoat it's really hard to see where the cut was made. Also, the arm outstretched looks natural and not forced.

    Regarding your pick of the metal bit, you're incorrect mate. The metal bits are: Sergeant's torso (head included), legs and RW shoulder pad (left-side) as well as one of the regular biker's torso and head (the one that looks like he's wearing a turtle neck).

    Everything else is plastic, took two plasma guns from the regular marines box set and stuck one on an assault marine arm (originally holding bolt pistol - that's the one you thought was metal), and the other from another assault marine that's aiming his bolt pistol.

    All DA related icons/symbols are from DA Vet upgrade sprue.

    Finally, the attack bike's driver has his left arm replaced with the Sergeant's from Devastator's set.


  3. All your pictures fail to load mate...have they been deleted?