Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ethrion's Night Lords

At the moment just a work in progress as I change the colour of my army to the 'new' colour scheme. Many more to follow in the coming weeks and months... The idea is to make them as spikey and "evil" as possible and have them adorned with skulls, helms and other battle trophies. Plenty of Dark Angel and Blood Angel helmets I think!

Krieg Acerbus 'The Axemaster'

The remnants of the Atramentar

Daemon Prince

Hell Blade

Zso Sahaal ' The Talonmaster'

Legion Tactical Squad


  1. Dude, I love these mate!! The rusty panels for their bases are a great touch. Hope you aren't planning on them acting as extra distance when rolling for CC. When You get your hands on the Dark Vengence set, hope you'll paint up the chosen in your Night Lord scheme. Excellent work.....

  2. Yeah man the new chaos models are all going into my Night Lords army - cultists and all!