Monday, May 28, 2012

Query: subspecies Zoanthrope

Accessing File 666789
Date: 0736998.M41
Subject: Species Record - Xenos/Tyranid/Zoanthrope
Rating: Caucus Theta
Ref: Inquisitor Kryptman; Inquisitor Czevak; Munitorum Strategic Intelligence Collective 827/II


  1. fuckin hate these fetus looking guys... everytime we played I need to dedicate some sort of long range weapon to a shoot out with them. >..<

  2. Dude you might hate them but as a unit they fucking suck unless they are mycetic spore podded right into the enemy army. The range of their lance is horrendous and the secondary anti-MEQ power is not much better. Super powerful and their 3+ inv is really nice but they need to be a sacrificial shock unit to really function. Which in itself is quite stupid cos 1) they are synapse so should be behind the lines holding the swarm together and 2) not wasted in one turn by dropping them in the heart of the enemy. But hell, everything about the Tyranid codex is fail these days. Only hoping 6th ed. somehow fixes their book so they become decent again. ATM they are a totally "friendly" battle army...and i do mean FRIENDLY. :S