Friday, March 30, 2012

Dark Angels - age of the emperor: Storm Hawk wip 2

Been a really hectic week at work so my updates have been falling behind. While painting this model, the more I held it and studied the shapes, the more I was not pleased with the turret shape/positioning.

I went back to the AOTE PDF and reread the wargear with a cold glass of sake (japanese rice wine) and eureka!!! I got hit with another idea to revamp this. Funny how alcohol brings out the creative side of me...

I've decided to swap out the entire storm raven turret mount. It looks to bulbous and does not mesh well with the overall design of the storm hawk. My idea is that the storm hawk should fill in the evolutionary gap between thunderhawks and storm ravens. I wanted the turret to be sleeker similar to the turbo laser found on top of thunderhawks.

Below are some pics to show some comparisons with the redesigned turret.

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  1. Should have mentioned this a long time ago after you first posted but I love the way in which you've blocked the cockpit windows with those lascannon charge packs to make it like armaplas or something...looks way cooler than usual.